Top 5 Spring Beauty Products I am Using Right Now

Spring is here, and I love the fresh air and the bright sunshine so much that I am spending all non-working hours outside in the backyard.  I’ve rounded up my current favorite products, which happen to be mostly organic beauty products.  I’m using these products day in and day out for those Spring beauty vibes.  I am embracing color after the winter months, and that includes makeup, clothes, and masks these days.

spring beauty products with lipstick lip balm peach shadow and bronzer

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My spring beauty products for right now

First up, as always, in any of my product posts, will be sunscreen.  It is time to transition out of the winter sunscreen and into spring and summer sunscreens.  I have been testing a few new sunscreens, so I don’t have a specific one to mention right now, but I hope to do a sunscreen post soon.  Some of my past favorites include Elta MD, REN, and Vichy, so a mix of chemical and physical sunscreens.

My next couple of products are from RMS Beauty.  I am using the “un” Cover-Up concealer to hide those pesky dark spots and pigmentation that don’t seem to want to fade along with a bit of the Living Luminizer on the top of my cheekbones to give just a hint of highlight.  I don’t want to be a disco ball. 

Next up, blush in pops of color.  I’ve actually been alternating between 2 blushes.  I really love the texture of this cream blush by Kajer Weiss, although the color is a little warm for me, so I have been mixing it with Cloud Paint in Haze from Glossier.  It’s a gel blush, and a little dab goes a long way because there is so much pigment.    

And last but not least, lip products, both for healing and a little bit of color.  For the past few weeks, I’ve been using the Femme de Rose lip balm from Glycelene to heal any bits.  And for a little hint of color when I’m not wearing a mask, I’ve been loving the Tower Beauty lip gloss.

So what have you been wearing this past month? Have you been keeping it simple, or have you expanded your spring beauty products beyond the minimum? Let me know; I’d love to hear from you. Here is a link to a previous post if you want to read more about transitioning to spring products.

Top 5 Spring Beauty Products

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