Organic Beauty Brands I’m Loving Right Now

The trend continues for clean and organic beauty products and brands in 2021, and it does not seem to want to end.  More and more people are looking for healthier options to replace standard beauty brands. Unfortunately, there is no true definition for clean beauty. Furthermore, there is a plethora of greenwashing and fear-mongering in the clean beauty space. I am not fond of all of the fear-mongering that many clean beauty brands continue to use; therefore, I want to highlight a few organic beauty brands that I think have created beautiful products and are not perpetuating fear.  So without further ado, here are some of my favorite organic beauty products.  

Organic beauty brands I'm loving

Disclaimer: I only recommend things I love. If you buy something through a link, I might earn a small commission.

Organic Beauty Brands – skincare


Gylcelene is a revolutionary line of 100% natural, organic and vegan products. They were created by makeup artist and skincare specialist, Kim Borio, when she couldn’t find products to help her eczema.  Kim started with three petroleum-free, wax-free luxury ointments. The Beauty Ointment, an anti-aging balm for the face, lips, neck, and eye area; the Eczema Ointment, a balm for flare-ups and soothing irritated skin; and the Vegan Ointment, a balm for cracked feet, elbows, and skin. They now have an entire range of cutting-edge luxury skincare products, from cleansers to anti-aging serums.  My personal favorite is a toss-up between the lip balm and the beauty serum.  Gylcelene calls their beauty serum the fountain of youth in a bottle. It is a luxurious water-based serum delivering instant hydration with peptides, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants.

May Lindstrom

One of my all-time favorite skincare brands is May Lindstrom.  May Linstrom created her line out of the necessity to find skincare that her super sensitive skin could handle.  Unfortunately, these products are not for everyone because they use many essential oils in each product. I do love the dreamy scents and the formulations of so many of her products.  Per the website, to honor the integrity of each plant and raw ingredient in each formulation and celebrate the land and farmer, they craft everything in micro-batches. Committed to crafting its products ethically and with uncompromising integrity, from the seed to the bottle.  Many of the products in the brand’s short and sweet lineup have become cult favorites, but I love this mist. As with every product from the brand, it smells amazing. Add the colloidal silver, and it provides antioxidant protection, restores elasticity, helps enhance product penetration.

Organic Beauty Brands – Makeup

Kjaer Weis

Those beautiful little chrome swivel compacts you’ve seen all over the web are from this luxury, high-performing beauty brand. They are all about simple, beautiful, organic, and sustainable luxury beauty products.  High-quality cream and powder formulas housed in the brand’s signature, luxurious, chrome packaging. Not to mention it’s also refillable, showing their commitment to being sustainable. Their website states: “Our commitment to the environment extends from refillable through to recyclable and recycled packaging into our approach to formulation. Our certified-organic ingredients are hand-selected for quality and sourced from partners we work with very closely.” My personal favorites are the cream blushes. Moreover, they are so dense and richly pigmented that you only need a tiny amount. 

RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty is a luxurious beauty line, known for its multitaskers.  Rich formulas, bright colors, and grownup shimmer make a nice addition to any beauty routine.  Rose-Marie Swift created this brand because of her need for beauty products that were free of toxic chemicals and metals.  Their hero product is the Living Luminzer, a lovely subtle highlighter in a pot that you tap onto the high points of the face.  However, my personal favorite is the Wild with Desire Lipsticks in the nude-pink, Temptation, and a bright true red, Rebound.

Bite Beauty

This Canadian-based brand is best known for its lipstick, which is creamy and long-lasting. These luxe lipsticks contain many different oils and superfoods which help support lip health. Pomegranate extract and wild African mango butter are just 2 of those ingredients.  The result is a lipstick that’s incredibly creamy, hydrating, and long-wearing. It even has additional benefits from antioxidants for a product that’s actually good for your lips.  they use orange peel wax instead of beeswax, so it is vegan too.  Another nice thing about their lip crayons is that tip size is thin enough to line, yet thick enough to fill in. Bite Beauty commits to clean, vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free products that provide vivid color, instant impact, and sensorial textures.


Kosas is a brand that I originally found at Sephora several years ago. They have exploded their product range in the clean beauty space.  One of the things I like about Kosas is that they are willing to take the best of both worlds; the standard beauty industry and the clean beauty space. This combination makes for some great products.  Each product contains active botanicals and a balance of safe synthetics, giving you luxury formulas, beautiful pigments that flatter many skin tones, and they all look as good as they feel.   My favorite product by far is their lipsticks.  Their all-natural lipsticks look super chic in sleek black packaging with magnetic lids.  My favorite lipstick for a “my lip but better” is Rosewater.

So there you have some of my favorite organic beauty brands and products on the market right now.  Do you know any of the brands I mentioned or are these all new to you brands? Let me know in the comments. Or if you have any questions about any of the products I mentions, please feel free to send them to me here.


favorite organic beauty brands

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