Spring Beauty Essentials to Transition from Winter

It’s that time of the year.  Spring is officially here, and winter weather is on its way out.  Well almost.   I am looking forward to the warmer weather and hopefully a little bit more rain as California has been super dry this winter.  As the weather starts to warm up, it’s time to rethink your beauty needs.  Each Spring, I take time to go through all my products and determine what is working and what needs to be tossed due to expiration or products just not working for me anymore—a little bit of spring cleaning. And then, I determine what spring beauty essentials are needed as we transition from winter to spring.

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Question to ask before you buy any spring beauty products.

Skincare questions to think about:

  1. Has the weather transitioned out of the cold winter weather – whatever that looks like for your part of the world?
  2. Should I continue to use the same moisturizer/cream/oil, or do I need something lighter in texture?
  3. Do I need to up my sun protection?

Makeup questions to think about:

  1. Have any of my products expired?
  2. Are my foundation and concealer the right match for me?
  3. Is it time to switch up my blush?
  4. What shades will help give me a pop of color?

Personally, I like to transition away from the heavy textures of winter skincare to products with lighter textures.   Instead of heavy oils and creams, which are lovely in the winter, I want more water and glycerin-based day creams (also known as moisturizers) that are lighter on the skin.  I also up my separate SPF in the spring from 30 to 50.  If you are not already using a separate SPF from your creams and makeup, please add one into your regime.  The protection is a dual product isn’t enough.

Make space for your spring beauty essentials

To make space for new products, you need to spring clean.  Clear out all the old products that are expired or no longer working for you.  If you haven’t used a product in 9 months, it probably needs to be tossed, although there may be a few exceptions on powder products and mascara, which needs to be tossed sooner.  Old products can grow bacteria and host all sorts of nastiness, depending on how you use your products.  If you are dipping your makeup brushes directly into products, it shortens their lifespan.

makeup brushes

Clean your makeup brushes

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes?  I’m not taking spot cleaning but an actual deep cleaning.  We tend to overlook our brushes.  Unwashed, they can hold onto unwanted germs and bacteria, leading to blemishes and dull-looking skin.  Wash your brushes at least once a week, more if you are using them on acne or blemishes.

Adding Spring Beauty Essentials

As we inch into spring, I usually will add a new lightweight day cream and switch up my makeup colors in the blush and lip department for something a little brighter and maybe add a bit of a glow.  I prefer brighter pinks and reds on me, but there are some gorgeous coral colors out right now.  If you like bronzer, is it time to get a new one, or do you have enough product to continue using your current one?  Or maybe you need to switch from cream to powder. What products do you need to add to your spring beauty regime? Let me know.

spring beauty essentials with peach eye shadow, pink lipstick, concealer and mascara

Are you ready to transition from winter to spring and clean out your makeup bag for your new spring beauty essentials? If you’d like some personalized support, I offer a virtual Makeup Bag Audit lesson! 

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