Wedding or Bridal Beauty Timeline, Part 2

As I discussed in my last post, the wedding beauty timeline was created to help you determine how to plan for all your bridal beauty needs prior to your wedding. In part two, I will be discussing the last couple of months before your wedding. If you missed part one, you can check it out here.

When we left off in part one, I had covered up through 6 months before the wedding.

Your bridal beauty timeline countdown – the last 4 months until your wedding day

3-4 Months to Go

Previews – As I mentioned in the previous post, these should already be scheduled with your makeup artist. If not, get it on the calendar. The preview is when you get to go through the inspirational images you have been collecting and discuss with your hair and makeup artist(s) whether or not these ideas will work with your skin coloring, hair type, and features. At this time, you will be finalizing your bridal beauty looks. Don’t forget to bring any accessories with you.  During my previews, the bride and I create a look that is very specific to her.  Personally, I don’t believe this is the time to be experimenting with new looks.  You want your groom to be able to recognize you as you walk down the aisle. 

Teeth – If you are thinking about whitening your teeth, book an appointment with your dentist for professional treatments.  Depending on the treatment, you might need multiple appointments.  Also, you might think about cutting back on coffee, tea, and red wine to keep your teeth pearly white.

Facials – If you have not had a pre-wedding facial, it time to treat your skin to a deep cleanse and lots of hydration. Estheticians recommend at least 3 months lead time for regular facials, at least 4 weeks apart.  Don’t forget to schedule your last facial about 2 weeks before the wedding.  

girl getting a facial 3 months out on the bridal beauty timeline

1-2 Months to Go

Tanning – If you are thinking about a bronze glow for your wedding, now is the time to get your first spray tan to see how it will look and test out the salon. Or if you are going to DIY, Whatever you do, don’t apply a new tanning lotion formula the night before you walk down the aisle. It could turn you orange or, worse, ruin your dress.   

2 Weeks to Go

Facial – Get your last facial. If you need extractions, make sure you do them 15 days before the wedding to allow time for your skin to settle down.

Hair – If you color your hair, get any touch-ups about 2 weeks before the wedding. It take a couple weeks for color to feel lived in. If your stylist recommends, this is also the time to get one last trim.

Body – Start moisturizing your skin from your neck down every day.

Manicure and pedicure – Get those appointments scheduled and on your calendar so you don’t have to worry about them.

The Week before

Waxing – Get your last waxing appointment at least 5 days from the wedding so your skin has time to heal.

Spray Tan – If you decided to get a spray tan, now is the time to go get it.  Remember to wait at least 8 hours before showering off the tanning solution and then moisturize daily to extend the life.

bridal manicure done 2 days before the wedding on bridal beauty timeline

2 days to Go

Manicure and pedicure – It’s time to get your nails done so they look polished for those close-up pictures.  However, if you have gotten a spray tan before your mani-pedi, do not have them use a scrub as it will remove your spray tan.

Beauty Sleep – I cannot stress this enough.  The best thing you can do right before your wedding is to get enough sleep.

1 day to Go

Hydrate – Drink a lot of water to hydrate your body the day before so your skin and you are well hydrated for the day. For some people, this may mean cutting out alcohol and sodium.

Hair – Shampoo and condition your hair the night before the wedding.  (Double-check with your stylist as some styles need freshly washed hair.)

Massage – Get a massage the night before your big day.  Not only will it relieve any last-minute stress, but your skin will look plump and gorgeous.  

More beauty sleep – Attempt at least 8 hours of sleep the night before your wedding.

The Wedding Day

You’ve made it! Now is the time to relax and enjoy your day. Be present and soak in every moment. Don’t forget to wear a white button-down shirt or pretty white robe to avoid having to pull a shirt over your freshly-coiffed updo and makeup. Lastly, smile.

Did this wedding beauty timeline help you figure out your next bridal beauty decisions?

If you want a professional to help with all of your wedding beauty needs, click to inquire if your date is available.

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