A Makeup Trial versus a Bridal Preview?

As a professional makeup artist, one of my most asked and answered questions is: “Do I really need a bridal makeup trial?” On one of the biggest days of your life, it is important to try to make sure that the day goes smoothly.  One way this can happen is by deciding exactly how you plan to wear your makeup and hair.  At Karyn Carlson Makeup Artistry, we don’t actually do a makeup trial; instead, we offer all our brides a bridal preview. 

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What is the difference between a makeup trial and a bridal preview?

A bridal preview is one of the most important beauty items to have on your list prior to your wedding. I include it in all of the packages at Karyn Carlson Makeup Artistry because that is how important I believe it is. You wouldn’t get married without a rehearsal. Or try your dress on only once, and it should be the same for your hair and makeup. In addition, while I work with mostly professional-grade products, you may be allergic to a certain ingredient. Your wedding day is not the day you want to discover you are allergic to latex eyelash glue or the red dye in a blush.

The key similarity between a makeup trial and a bridal preview is that the bride-to-be gets to see the makeup that she will be wearing on the wedding day. How an artist goes about this is vastly different between artists. I call it a bridal preview because the bride is previewing her makeup exactly how it will be the wedding day. There may be slight changes, but for the most part, the plan is made, and the colors are decided at the preview.

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A Bridal Preview at Karyn Carlson Makeup Artistry

So how does the bridal preview work?

A bridal preview at Karyn Carlson Makeup Artistry is all about details of your wedding day. This could include anything from the location, time of the wedding, when you need to be ready for photos, and more. First, I will look at your complexion, face, and eye shape. Then discuss your vision of how you would like to look on your wedding day. Based on that information, I will lead you in a direction that will complement your face and eye shape and make you look like the best version of yourself on your wedding day.  Next, we discuss your skin and how to get it in the best condition possible for your wedding day. Remember that makeup applies differently depending on how healthy your skin is.  Lastly, I discuss your custom brow arching before the makeup application. This is also the time to discuss any others services (bridesmaids), the timeline for the day, and recommendations.

Is my bridal preview mandatory?

Yes, I want to ensure that you are happy with the makeup you will be wearing on your special day. The preview is where we have a chance to create your custom look. The wedding day is chaotic and fast-paced; there isn’t time to decide whether you want crisp, black, winged eyeliner or smoky chocolate liner. The preview is when we set up a plan so that we can avoid unexpected hiccups. It also will ensure that you are happy with the makeup. My job is to make sure you are happy and ensure that you look your very best. If you’re not sure about something, we can tweak it until you love it. This is why the preview is scheduled to take longer than a regular makeup application.

Can I schedule my preview on the same day as my engagement session?

I do not recommend scheduling your bridal preview on the same day as your engagement session.  Your bridal look is specifically supposed to work with the brightness of a white dress.  It also depends on the time of day you are getting your engagement pictures taken, as the makeup will look different depending on the time of day.  You also might want a more casual look for your engagement session vs. a bridal look.  Lastly, you might not want to reveal the bridal look and reserve it for the first looks photos.

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A bridal preview is a very important and often underestimated part of the hair and makeup process. Every bride wants to feel confident and look beautiful on her wedding day. By knowing exactly how you will look, both you and your artist can be confident that you will look your best and feel your most confident!

Have you scheduled your bridal preview with your artist or are you still looking for a makeup artist?

Inquire here to see if I see have availability for your date. Or book a 20-minute consultation call to see if I am the right artist for you.

Makeup trial versus a bridal preview

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