Virtual Makeup Lessons Are Here to Stay

After a crazy 2020, it looks like 2021 will bring more of the same for at least the first quarter. Until March 2020, my clients have always seen me in person for makeup lessons.  However, with the continued social distancing and shelter-in-place guidelines, face-to-face makeup application and lessons are not an option for everyone; therefore, I’ve taken my makeup classes online and into the virtual world.  What does that mean for my clients?  Instead of in-person makeup classes, virtual makeup lessons will be done over video chat. This means even if you don’t live locally in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can now work with me one on one and finally figure out how to feel confident when it comes to applying makeup on yourself.

So Karyn, what exactly are virtual makeup lessons?

As I mentioned, virtual makeup lessons are classes taught over video chat on a specific subject.  Once you have booked your lesson, you will receive an emailed questionnaire. This will help me determine how to make the most use of our time together.  During your class, I will demonstrate how to do a technique, and then you will do it yourself. You also receive real-time feedback. Virtual makeup lessons usually run for about 90 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the class. I have a few specific classes listed on my website, but if you don’t find a class that fits you, I will custom create one just for you.  Virtual makeup lessons are really perfect for anyone, anywhere.

Makeup sitting by a laptop with fuchsia colored flowers for virtual makeup lessons

What is the difference between a virtual makeup lesson and watching a makeup artist or beauty influencer?

In other words, why should I book a 1:1 virtual class instead of watching YouTube?

If you have ever sat down and watched a makeup artist or beauty influencer on YouTube. You may have noticed there is not a lot of education happening.  You will find a large majority of the channels in the beauty space are not about education.  The videos are either someone putting on “cookie-cutter” makeup or no explanation for what he or she is doing. In addition, the artist is usually putting makeup on themselves, and unless you have features that are identical to that person, the placement of products may or may not look good on you. While watching YouTube videos can be fun, the artist or influencer is not educating; therefore, the information is generic and may not help you.

Most women haven’t been taught to apply makeup. They learn through trial and error. Taking a virtual makeup class means you learn specifically based on your needs.  While most of the classes follow a framework, you learn professional makeup techniques at your skill level.  Each customized lesson focuses on setting up your space, adding lighting and mirror(s), and properly using your tools.  You receive coaching throughout the entire makeup application process and receive real-time feedback.  You also learn product placement for your eyes, lips, face shape, etc.  

blush and highlighter palette with brush on white bedding

Who is a virtual makeup lesson for?

The short answer is anyone.  

Maybe you are in a makeup rut, doing the same thing day in and day out and you want to freshen up your look.

Maybe you watched all those YouTube videos and the techniques and tips aren’t working for you because you don’t have the same face as the YouTuber.  

Maybe you just want to figure out how to wear the makeup you currently own, but never wear, because you just don’t know what to do with it.

Maybe you want to learn how to successfully cover up the dark circles under your eyes and the maskne and learn what products you should be purchasing since we cannot test makeup in stores at the moment.

Maybe you want to learn how to use the makeup brushes that are collecting dust in a drawer. 

The options are endless. While I have quite a few classes listed here on my website, if you don’t see one that fits, I’ll create a custom class just for you. Remember, these aren’t just lessons about makeup; they are an investment in yourself, your skills, and your future.

Are you ready to book your online makeup lesson?

If you answered yes, you can go directly to my scheduling page and click on the lesson that meets your needs. If you are still on the fence, book a free consultation with me to discuss your needs.

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